Random Thoughts after the Election

I can remember my Grandmother getting all involved in Watergate and calling the White House, Congress, and whoever else would listen, to express her viewpoint.  At that time I was a young adult and thought that it was possible that she had gone off the ‘deep end’.  I could not imagine why she would care so much.  Now, fast forward a few decades and I have found myself more involved.  I have listened more intently, watched all debates very carefully, and I have even done some of my own fact checking throughout this 2012 election process.

I don’t belong to a specific political party and have voted both directions in my life.  Sometimes my candidate wins…..and sometimes not.

When my candidate wins I do not give up my own listening, watching and fact checking…..and I don’t stop that practice when my candidate does not win either.  I think that the key word here may be facts.  In today’s time facts sometimes tend to get misconstrued ( the word used today is ‘spin’….which by my definition means “I am getting ready to create my own facts”) and sometimes the facts are right in front of us and we do not want to acknowledge them because to acknowledge those facts might challenge us to personally change our own thinking.

Well, no matter what party we lean toward we need to change our thinking to be open to both sides of any discussion.  We do not necessarily need to agree – yet we certainly do need to listen and really hear what is being said.   To open our minds and hearts is frightening…..and it is also growth.

It is evident that our country is changing and my experience is that change is always divine creation in motion – no matter how hard I resist.  Anger and denial only create more hardship for me and others around me.

This is my country and it is yours.  It does not matter if my candidate won or lost….what matters is the grace and support  from which I move forward.  Supporting what I think is right and, like my Grandmother, voicing my concern or opinion  to my Senators, Congressmen, and my President when I object to their line of thinking or actions.  One voice actually does make a difference….. I think my Grandmother knew that.

Posted by Barbara’s Blog at 11/9/2012 3:26 PM