Loving Thoughts during Times of Change

Last May this little black cat decided that I was his person. The cat  had been my neighbor’s and decided to make the move to my house (I did not want a cat at the time).  I am not really sure why he moved because my neighbor treated the cat, MG by name, as well as MG would allow him.  You see – MG was feral – scared of everything and everybody-which made him very hard to get close to.  Even though he decided I was his person  he ran from me (and my neighbor) whenever I tried to get near him and hid outside under the porch most of the time.  To MG’s credit, he was always kind and mindful of his claws and  teeth whenever I attempted to get close to him.

I made the decision that MG had excellent taste in choosing his friends and decided to see what I could do to help him overcome his fear.  I journeyed to my power animal for advice….and was told to love MG……that was all….just love him.  I have spent the past year doing just that; moving slowly around him or sitting on the floor and not moving when he was present, giving long pets and pats when he would let me get close, providing him warm shelter and good food, finally finding a treat that he liked, and letting him make decisions about his well being and supporting those decisions.

This week for the first time, a year after he arrived, MG walked in to the house and made himself at home in my easy chair.  Of course I had to whoop in celebration and he had to run……..but it showed just how much progress had been made over the year.

Love……just love……consistent love…..worked miracles with a frightened cat named MG.  Think of what we could do if we treated our fellow humans that way:
Family members that don’t understand our path and want us to change to be like them because they are afraid of us outgrowing them or leaving them or not wanting them any more.
Friends who are ill and frightened and grumpy and making decisions for themselves that we do not agree with.  There is fear running amuck in that situation.
Parents who are still trying to parent us after we are adults (because we are still their children no matter how old we are). They still fear for our well being.
Co-workers who are afraid for their job, or that someone might do something better than they and then they will be perceived as less than.
And what about us? Afraid because we might be different, or a family member is changing, or a friend is ill, or a parent is critical, or a co-worker is creating conflict? What about us?

Maybe we could attempt to see what change we can bring about in theses times of stress and fear and anger that seems to be prevalent in everyone’s life……starting with ourselves.

Maybe we could …….Love…..just love.

Posted by Barbara’s Blog at 6/1/2012 4:41 PM