Message from Cedar

Yesterday, during my prayer/meditation/journey time,  I was directed to draw a card from the Shaman Wisdom Cards deck.  I did so and received the card Cedar.

“I am Cedar.  I am the Sacred Tree of the mountains and deserts.  Burn my bark, needles and wood, and offer my healing and purifying smoke, which cleanses and removes negativity.  Protection is found within my shadow.  I am abundance and prosperity on a material plane as money and wealth, and on a spiritual plane as enlightenment.  Use my wood to make practical items, as well as spiritual objects such as masks, which help you focus on the spirit and not the person.  I am guardian.  I am longevity.”

Great message that I was glad to receive, briefly thought that I needed to harvest some cedar for smudging, blew through that, put the card away, went on about my day.

Today my dog Noodles and I went for a walk on the Lane…which is what we call the gravel road on which I live.  When we go for walks I always pick up sticks that have fallen from the trees and toss them back into the woods….I have done that for years and today was no different.  Noodles and I were about 1/2 mile down the Lane and I suddenly heard a lot of popping, snapping, squeaking and moaning… I stopped to see what was going on and discovered that I was right in the middle of a stand of cedar trees.  I knew that I was being greeted by those trees because nothing else was making that sound.  I said hello and started back on my walk.

I walked maybe 5 feet and saw a small piece of cedar laying on the road right in front of me.  I picked it up and stuffed it in my pocket.  A few more feet….more cedar.  By the time that we got to the end of the Lane I had a plastic bag FULL of small, smudge sized, cedar pieces.  I have walked that Lane for 17 years and this is the first time I have seen or found cedar on the road.

On my way back I stopped in that stand of cedars and thanked them for their gift.  Not just the pieces for smudge – but more importantly the teaching.

Nature is constantly speaking to us…..trying to get our attention… help and to teach.  So much of the time we are lost in our troubles or personal focus that we do not see nor hear the messages from nature.  If I had not been in the habit of watching the road for off fall sticks I may have walked right over the gift that Cedar was giving to me.

To say that this was coincidence would be negating the power and spirit of creation…..and my experience of it.   This entire lesson was given to me with love…..and I am grateful.

Posted by Barbara’s Blog at 2/18/2013 4:02 PM