Colorado Fires – Journey to Weather

I participate in a Shamanic Weather Circle in which our goal is to work in harmony and respect with the spirits of weather.  Actually as a shamanic practicioner the goal is to work in harmony with all spirits – including weather and including the elements. A person from Colorado reached out to our circle to ask for support due to the fires – which many of us have gladly have done.  My personal experience has been posted below at the request of the spirits of weather.Journey to Weather regarding the Colorado fires:
I went with weather teacher and allies to above Colorado and saw 3 distinct areas of fire.  I asked for the sparing of life of trees and plants and animals and humans. I was told that the fires were a clearing and a cleansing.
I asked if the clearing and the cleansing could be contained to the current areas in order to spare suffering and life.
The response was “You ask to spare the suffering and life from fire when so much of humankind does nothing to spare the planet or its inhabitants from suffering and demise? Your species creates suffering and loss of life!”
I responded “Yes, I do ask for that.  There are also many humans that see the suffering of others and act on behalf of the planet and suffering people.  We may not know exactly what we are doing – yet we do make the effortto support peace, harmony, balance and love.  That is what we are doing right now….others besides me are doing so too.”
Weather responded “This is part of the dismemberment of traditional culture and government. You will be re-membered, put back together, a stronger and kinder species.”
I asked, “is there anything that I can do to help in the diminishment of these fires?”
Response “Yes, post this journey on line and let others know what has been shared.  We will send rain in a day.”
Posted by Barbara’s Blog at 6/16/2013 2:07 PM