Weather Medicine

The past seven to ten days have been most interesting here in Kentucky.  While Nan Moss and David Corbin were making their way to Louisville for a weekend Shamanism and the Spirits of Weather Workshop,  entitled   ‘Weather Dancing:A Shamanic Path of Personal Growth and Global Healing’ ,  the spirits of weather decided to fully participate and to arrive just ahead of them.

Each day we all were together was an adventure.  We had tornado touch downs with additional watches and warnings.  The weather gave us warm temperatures and cold temperatures.  We had a few flakes of snow, an abundance of rain, some sunshine, some clouds, fog, mist, high winds, stillness, thunder and lightening, 2 storms, and of course one morning of  perfect Kentucky clear blue sky.  For those of us who were participating in this wonderful workshop it felt like the weather was dancing and changing just for us.  It was just magical.

As I sit here a week later, looking at fog and watching it rain, the weather circle disbanded to everyday life,  my heart knows that this weather magic is always here with us, always asking us to dance. We don’t have to be sitting in a weather workshop to have this wonderful experience.  All we need to do is be aware and stop – just for a moment – but stop….still and listen to the song and feel the caress that weather brings to us.

Did Nan and David and the Weather Circle help to create this adventure in Weather?  Absolutely!  Not by attempting to control anything – but engaging weather with respect and acceptance.  By paying attention in a deeper way to weather going on around us and honoring the magic of what is.  Maybe you would like to try it …….and maybe you will be asked to dance.

Posted by Barbara’s Blog at 1/26/20112